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Fuzzwich Animation November 26, 2010

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The last project in IT 644 was to create a short animation using the Web 2.0 tool Fuzzwich.  Fuzzwich is a very basic, easy way to make a simple short 30 second animation.  There is no need to sign up for an account as is the case with most of the current Web 2.0 tools.  The user has the option to watch several animations before creating one to get an idea of what the program will do.  Once the user is ready to start an animation, the first step is to choose a background.  There are sixteen different backgrounds to choose from including the White House and a beach scene.  The next step is to choose characters for the animation.  There are about 50 characters to choose from and the user can choose as many as they wish.  The next step is to record the animation by moving the characters with the mouse.  Voice bubbles can be added with custom designed text.  This allows the creator to make up the dialogue between the characters.  Music is automatically added but the creator has the option of changing the music to one of about fifteen choices.   

For my animation I choose the laboratory background.  The characters represent a female student and Dr. Mark (my husband).  The student is looking all over for Dr. Mark and he finally arrives stating that he was in Second Life.  Click below to view my animation:


I am not sure how extensively this could be used in teaching and learning.  The animations are only 30 seconds long and it was hard for me to try to do something this short.  I also thought the characters and backgrounds were not very sophisticated.  It could be fun for younger students to play around with the program but I cannot think of a way I would use it in higher education.