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Blogfolio for IT 644 November 25, 2010

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This blogfolio is part of the course requirements for IT 644, Advanced Hypermedia Development at The University of Southern Mississippi.  This is a required course for my program, the PhD program in Instructional Design/Instructional Technology.  IT 644 is an advanced course which is concerned with the development and use of interactive, animated hypermedia products.  The emphasis of the course is using this technology for learning and sharing information.  Multimedia can be used in instructional design projects, lectures, presentations, and multimedia events. During the course i learned about many types and uses of multimedia on producing applications incorporating text, audio, graphics, animation and digitized video which effectively communicate to the user.  During this course I created several multimedia projects which I will be blogging about.

I am also an instructor at The University of Southern Mississippi in the College of Business.  I teach in the Management and International Business Department.  I teach Introduction to Management, Human Resource Management, Organizational Behavior and Introduction to Business.  I am interested in using technology in my classes and so far in my PhD program I have learned many things that I have been able to apply.  I created my own Website where students can go to get additional resources, PowerPoint presentations, videos, etc.  The address to my website is:

 This has been a great resource for my students and I keep adding to it and improving it each semester.  I also used a Wiki for class discussions, until this summer.  I used Ning, a social network for classroom communication.  I used it for discussions, email communications, posting pictures and videos and for group work.  This has worked very well and the students like it because it is much like Facebook and they are used to this sort of format.  These are just a few examples of the things I was able to integrate into my teaching from my PhD program.

I am looking forward to sharing information about my journey into emerging technology.  Please feel free to leave comments.


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