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Scribd (I am Published!!!) July 21, 2010

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I had no idea how the assignment concerning the use of Scribd or Yudu would turn out.  I had never used either of these Web 2.0 tools.  I choose to learn more about Scribd.  The concept of Scribd is so simple.  It is to documents what YouTube is to video.  It also contains features of several other Web 2.0 tools such as the ability to follow what others are publishing and the ability to be interactive.  It is a place for users to publish their documents and share with the internet community.  These documents can consist of PDF files, Word documents, PowerPoint spreadsheets and just about anything.  The first step was to establish an account with Scribd.  This was relatively easy to do allowing the user to build a public profile.  I think it would be helpful to put the type of research or research interests one has as it allows others with similar interests to share ideas and content. The URL of my Scribd account is:

Scribd allows a user to upload documents as well as search for documents uploaded by other users.  There is an “Explore” tab that allows users to look through documents by category.  The categories and content is quite extensive.

I can see this being used in education, especially in the research area.  If I am doing research on a topic along with another person or group of persons, we can use this tool to upload different materials for analysis such as PowerPoint presentations and other documents.  I also present at several different conferences during the year and can see how I could use Scribd to post any handout materials I would normally make copies of and pass out at my sessions.  This allows participants to decide if they want the materials rather than wasting paper and my having to carry them all over the country.  Also, when a person goes to Scribd to get my materials they can also see what other documents I uploaded and look at them as well.  I think it a great way to share interests.  I could also see students using this tool to upload their papers and research and then read each others and make comments about them.  It would also be fun for students to see how many people access their documents since Scridb displays these statistics.

All in all, I think this is a great tool for collaboration and accessing documents other people upload.  I can see using this in the future!!!


3 Responses to “Scribd (I am Published!!!)”

  1. tdedeaux Says:

    You know, I had never thought of using Scribd as a way to “carry” conference materials with you virtually, but that is a really smart idea.

    I’m going to have to do that at next years MECA conference.

  2. Sophie Says: is really good to! I upload loads of my work to thier site!!!

  3. Donna Says:

    I used Scribd, too, and found it easy to use. I do think publishing is changing. Scribd is going to be something that’ll we’ll see more of. I haven’t ever used Yudu but will try it when I get a chance just for comparison.

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