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The “Social” Implications of Social Bookmarking July 17, 2010

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As part of my class, IT 860, Emerging Technology, I learned about Diigo bookmarking.  Diigo which stands for the “Digest of Internet Information, Groups and Other stuff,” has been around since 2006.  Diigo is a Social bookmarking website which allows users to bookmark, highlight and tag web-pages.

I did not know much about social bookmarking before this assignment.  I read many articles and viewed some videos.  The Common Craft video was especially helpful.  Here it is:

I signed up for an account with Diigo and joined the group for my class.  I then audited my toolbar to include an icon for Diigo so that when I found something I wanted to keep I could easily bookmark it.  I found Diigo to be extremely easy to use and understand.   I bookmarked several articles which may help with my research for my paper in this class.  Here is the URL for my Diigo library:

The reason this is called “Social” Bookmarking is that people can share their bookmarks.  We all spend inordinate amounts of time sifting through the billions of web pages available and to be able to get a complete list of bookmarks that are of interest is valuable.  There are many uses in education.  I for one can see using it when doing research.  For instance, I am researching the use of social networks in the corporate recruiting process.  I know a colleague is doing research on organizations using social networks as a means of checking applicant’s backgrounds.  Even though our exact niche area is different, many of the same resources would apply to each area.  So if we share our bookmarks we may find pertinent resources we would not have otherwise found. 

I believe social bookmarking could also be used by students for group projects or anything requiring collaboration.  This is a great way for students to share information and learn from each other.  Diigo allows users to highlight and leave sticky notes on pages.  This allows other students to read the comments and add comments of their own to the web pages. 

I think, above all, the main advantage of social bookmarking is that the bookmarks are kept on the Web so they can be accessed from any computer or Smartphone.  This allows users to tag, highlight and annotate pages from any location.


2 Responses to “The “Social” Implications of Social Bookmarking”

  1. tdedeaux Says:

    I agree about the advantages of social bookmarking. Whoever had the idea of taking the old-style browser “favorites” list, putting it online, organizing it, and allowing us to share it with others was a true genius.

    I can’t tell you how helpful it is to be able to access the basic list of sites I’m using for my term paper from any computer, not just the one I happen to be on when I’m creating the list.

  2. Donna Says:

    Diigo is one of my new best friends. I think it’s a marvelous tool especially right now while we’re writing all of these papers! 🙂 I’ve got it on my toolbar and am using it frequently.

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