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Final Thought on IT 780 May 1, 2010

I can’t believe the semester is over.  So much has happened in the last few months.  IT 780 was a very good experience for me both personally and professionally.  Personally it was a valuable experience that I will not forget.  The opportunity to meet so many other people with a similar interest in technology and teaching was wonderful.  I had the opportunity to socialize with some of the other students in my class.  We went out to dinner which proved to be a great opportunity to get to know each other and our interests in education.  I also had the opportunity to attend and present at two conferences during the semester where some of my fellow students were also attending.  This was a great opportunity to further get to know them and we supported each other in what we were doing. 

This class also helped me professionally by introducing me to so many great Web 2.0 tools.  By learning the advantages of this technology and its uses for education and learning I was able to integrate these tools into my classes immediately.  I am using a Wiki in my Human Resource Management class.  We have discussion of cases, communication, etc.  I also incorporated the social network Ning into a new class I am teaching, Introduction to Business.  The Ning is a wonderful tool that has allowed my class to have discussions, work together in groups and stay connected.  The class also helped me professionally as far as developing new ways to communicate and stay connected.  For instance, this blog contains a great variety of information that I can share with my colleagues and students.  I intend to continue adding things to my blog for a long time to come.  The class also allowed me to see many different tools and techniques that I never knew existed.  The only problem is there is not enough time in the day to check out all that is available. 

I am sure this will end up being one of the classes that I look back at and say I learned a lot and am actually using and applying what I learned to be a better teacher!!!


2 Responses to “Final Thought on IT 780”

  1. mrgruich Says:

    I concur completely with your assessment of this class. We learned so much about so many different Web 2.0 tools, and now the only “issue” seems to be in finding the time and means of incorporating them into our teaching. I, too, have already used several, but am looking forward to learning more and finding ways to enhance my teaching using them. Getting to know the students has been enjoyable. Online classes have provided interactivity, but face-to-face classes still offer more opportunities to get to know fellow classmates. I look forward to future courses in this program and finding even more technology tools for instructional purposes.

  2. jwoodwards Says:


    I second your thoughts on the overwhelming number of Web 2.0 tools available. I must admit that one of the great advantages of this class was being exposed to really great tools. Dr. Yuen eliminated the less powerful tools and distilled the class down to the applications that offered the most potential.

    Thank you for a clear and concise summation of the class experience. I have enjoyed being in class with you and wish you all the best. By the way, your presentation on Second Life was wonderful.

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