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Second Life Presentation April 28, 2010

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I gave a presentation in my IT 780 class at The University of Southern Mississippi about Second Life and the educational uses of this Web 2.0 tool.  At the beginning of the semester everyone choose a Web 2.0 tool that they wanted to present.  I choose Second Life because I think it is a fascinating concept.  I have been in Second Life now for about two years and I can see the educational uses and implications. 

This was actually a very challenging assignment as each presenter was allowed only 6 minutes to present with a one minute question and answer session.  I put together a presentation containing 28 slides, a bit ambitious, but many of my slides consisted of pictures of the Second Life environment.  I had fun putting the presentation together.  The presentation was then uploaded to Slideshare.  You may view my presentation below.


One Response to “Second Life Presentation”

  1. jwoodwards Says:


    I thought this one of the best presentations of the evening. You gave excellent examples and a good overview of the product. The element of your presentation that I appreciated most was your approach. You used scenes from Second Life to teach about Second Life. I thought this was an ingenious and effective approach.

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