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Social Bookmarking for Research April 18, 2010

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I read the article From Information Literacy to Scholarly Identity:  Effective Pedagogical Strategies for Social Bookmarking by Deborah Everhart and Kaye Shelton.  The article was interesting and contained many practical examples one could use in various levels of college classes.

Before I read this article I did not know very much at all about social bookmarking.  I had an idea as to what it was basically used for but I did not realize that bookmarks could be shared.  This is a powerful tool for researchers and a powerful tool for building a collective base of knowledge about various topics.  I think the authors point about using this Web 2.0 tool to help students develop the vocabulary they will need in a discipline was excellent.  This is a great way to learn and begin to think about research topics and areas of interest.  Allowing students to collaborate and build upon each other’s findings is also a valuable activity.  There is definitely synergy in a group activity of this type. 

I think the authors could have given examples of the different bookmarking sites and what they are primarily used for as well as a more basic definition of how social bookmarking actually works.  They suggested many projects instructors could use in their teaching but it would have been nice if they would have given an example of what a group of students actually produced.

This article along with the discussion in class definitely increased my awareness of social bookmarking.  I can see the value in creating an account and to begin start to collect bookmarks.  I intend on doing this after this class is over and look forward to learning and collaborating with others who share my interests.


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