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Creating a Mobile Web Site April 17, 2010

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I created a mobile web Site as an assignment for my class IT 780 at The University of Southern Mississippi.  According to Wikipedia a mobile web site refers to using a mobile phone handset device incorporating a web browser to access the World Wide Web.   As one can tell by looking around the number of mobile device users has increased tremendously during the last few years.  As a result more and more users are demanding that content be able to viewed and listened to on their mobile devices as well as being able to use their mobile devices to perform many of the tasks they can perform on their desktop or laptop computer.  

I created my mobile web site using Mobi Site Galore.  This is a free Web 2.0 tool for mobile web site design.  A user of this service does not need to know how to use HTML code, Dreamweaver or any other web authoring software.  It is quite easy and intuitive.  I designed my mobile web site to complement my main website for a class I am teaching, Introduction to Management.  I created the areas of content and included text and links back to my main website.  Once I had entered all the content, I published the website.  An option is given as to where the user would like the site to be hosted.  I choose to have Mobi Site Galore host my mobile web site as it is easy and free.    Here is the link to my mobile web site: 

I think this is very helpful especially if podcasts are used as part of a class.  This would allow students to access the podcasts and listen to them anytime and anywhere on their mobile devices.  However, there are some constraints when it comes to delivering content on a mobile device.  According to Wikipedia some of the constraints are; small screen size, lack of windows, navigation, lack of JavaScript and cookies, types of pages, speed, cost and broken pages. Another disadvantage as I see it is that while a large percentage of users have mobile devices, not all students have internet-enabled devices with enough bandwidth and battery power to download and view content.

Due to these constraints I do not think mobile web sites will ever replace the full-scale web site versions or the regular content users receive and view on their desktop or laptop computer.


One Response to “Creating a Mobile Web Site”

  1. mrgruich Says:

    I agree that the mobile Web site will never replace the more traditional Web sites. Personally, I prefer to use my phone for making and receiving calls. The constancy of being notified when emails arrive and having information “pushed” to my phone is stressful. I prefer not to be so available to everyone and everything 24 hours a day. Certainly, business demands that people stay connected, but I think this constant connectivity will eventually lead to more stress on people. I need to be more compartmentalized in terms of what I am involved in at particular moments. Furthermore, I think people are not as interactive personally with other people because they are glued to telephones. Walk through the halls of any post-secondary campus and count the number of students on their cell phones. I often see two or three students walking together, but not talking among themselves because each are engrossed in a conversation with someone via their cell phone.

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