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Blogging and More Blogging March 4, 2010

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As a requirement for the class I am taking at The University of Southern Mississippi, Seminar in Instructional Technology, I created this blog using WordPress.  The blog was very easy to create and is free.  There were many templates available to choose from as far as the look and feel of the blog.  I believe that anyone with an interest in blogging can easily create an interesting and professional looking blog.  I have a great story that supports this point.  A few years ago my friends George and Sue were going on a three month long motorcycle vacation from Greenville, NC to North Dakota, Arizona, Texas, Louisiana, the Gulf Coast, Florida and then back to North Carolina.  They wanted some way to document the trip so that the unlucky ones who could not go on a three month vacation could follow along.  George, a retired lineman from Long Island, NY, was not computer literate.  His wife, Sue only knew how to take digital pictures and download them to their computer.  They asked my husband for his suggestions as to what they could do.  My husband, in an afternoon, helped George set up his blog and design a great format.  Their motorcycle has a side car so they named the blog Snapshots from the Sidecar.  My husband taught George how to write the posts and attach their pictures.  We were not sure whether they would actually post their stories and pictures.  We were pleasantly surprised when at the end of every single day on the trip George wrote an account of all their adventures that day and attached any interesting pictures they took.  Friends and relatives made comments to their posts and they established quite a following.  I think this proves that blogging is easy and appeals to a vast number of people.  

As far as its use in education, I think blogging is quite valuable.  If students in grade school start blogging and get excited about it, it can only improve their writing skills.  Any practice writing is a good thing and combined with video or audio it allows students to be creative and learn about multimedia.  The possibilities are endless.  Since I started this blog for my class I am thinking about and designing a professional blog for use with my classes and a personal blog to record my experiences as a female motorcycle rider.  I think blogging is a great tool and definitely here to stay!!!


One Response to “Blogging and More Blogging”

  1. mrgruich Says:

    My first experience with blogs occurred last summer in my first class taken at USM, and I have found that blogging is not nearly as difficult as I thought it would be. A private person, blogging about extremely personal things is not something I see myself doing. However, chronicling coursework, creating blogfolios of assignments for future reference, and definitely journaling a trip or vacation falls in the realms of great ideas for blogs. There are all types of sites for different uses. Caring Bridges, for example, allows individuals with grave illnesses to keep friends and family updated as treatment and changes occur. You had some great ideas here. Thanks!

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